Libre Wireless Technologies MAVID-3M Development Kit. One of the best SDK packages for IoT solution development. Extensively optimized libraries for compact and high-performance code with example projects. MAVID-3M module is cost-effective and highly integrated MCU for IoT applications.

MAVID-3M Development Kit:

  • Higher Developer productivity
  • Faster evolution with application needs
  • A model that’s easier to work

MAVID-3M SDK provides the tools you need to develop, including code samples, mobile application, documentation to create, test and troubleshoot. In addition, if you want to contribute to the development of this SDK, send an email to

Note: For a better SDK user experience and results use linux/ubuntu.


Extend your thoughts and development with Libre’s OneStop capabilities.

Access to SDK is provided only on purchase of MAVID-3M Development Kit.
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