Libre provides an extensive portfolio of development tools and services to assist in every aspect of the product development process.

Ecosystem Landscape and Support

Libre’s extensive expertise and relationships can help you navigate the options and complexities of ecosystems world-wide to simplify and support the entire development process to deliver a best-in-class product to market.

Development Platforms and Reference Designs

Drawing on Libre’s experience and scalable platforms, our customers have the benefit of leveraging proven and certified solutions that reduce cost, minimize risk and accelerate development schedules.

Libre has a portfolio of evolution/development kits and system reference design packages. Also, through our online support portal, customers have access to an extensive library of Design Files and Application Notes that provides details and guidance on the many aspects of connected product features implementations, ecosystem compliance requirements, UI options/requirements, App designs, etc.

  • Basic debugging module
  • Host UART
  • 3 buttons for control (MIC Mute, Setup,
    Power ON/OFF)
  • PCB antenna
  • 2D+1A MIC
  • Size: 45mm (diameter)
  • FreeRTOS SDK with IAR toolchain
    for AVS and AWS IoT
  • Reference Mobile APP and SDK.
  • User should use power adapter of 5V / 2A
    for operating the device
  • Detailed debugging module
  • Host UART
  • 5 buttons for control (MIC Mute, Setup,
    Power ON/OFF, Vol +, Vol-)
  • PCB or external antenna
  • 2D+1A and optional additional D-MIC
  • Additional GPIOs available
  • Additional UART for ZigBee/Z-Wave
    along with host UART
  • Size: 70mm (diameter)
  • FreeRTOS SDK with IAR toolchain
    for AVS and AWS IoT
  • Reference Mobile APP and SDK.
  • User should use power adapter of 5V /2A
    for operating the device

Download datasheet
& user guide

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Download datasheet
& user guide

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  • Host processor: ARM Cortex M7 - 216MHz (True random number generation)
  • Voice DSP : Dual core Voice DSP with NR, AEC up to 3 MIC for far field detection
  • Memory : 512KB inbuilt RAM and 2MB inbuilt Flash with external RAM/FLASH can be extended up to 64MB
  • WiFi : 802.11a/b/g/n/ac(1x1 Dual band RF Port, Optional Diversity)
  • Bluetooth : BT and BLE 5.0, SBC/A2DP Sink and Source/AVRCP, HFP, HSP
  • Peripherals support : GPIO, I2C, PWM, SPI, UART
  • Security : OTP, AES, 3DES, HASH, HMAC, Secure Boot
  • SDK : Libre's Free RTOS SDK, AWS IoT Core, Secure OTA, Power save modes, device config over BLE and WiFi, Mobile APP ADK(iOS and Android).
  • Audio : 24bit/192Khz, SRC, I2S CLK Master/Slave, AAC, MP3, FLAC, Wave
  • Operating temperature : -30c to +85c
  • Dimension(mm) +/-0.1 : W (13.5) x L (13.5), H (1.78).
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Product Definition − Features and Compliance

Choose from a multitude of system & ecosystem features, cloud connectivity, voice and streaming options. Our flexible SDK’s can also be customized for proprietary voice services and wake words, regional services and local voice/command support, in addition to more traditional audio and loT application features.

With years of experience in successful product design and certifications, Libre can help you ensure ecosystem UI and feature compliance while maximizing brand uniqueness and differentiation.

Product Optimization and Tuning

Expertise and thoughtful guidance of acoustic design and microphone placement early in the design process will help ensure optimum product performance. Leverage Libre’s in-house tunings tools and engineering capabilities to optimize the complexities of voice product to deliver an unprecedented user experience.

Validation and Certifications

Benefit from Libre’s in-house ecosystem certified audio lab and testing services to deliver on the exacting wake word performance requirements as well as the necessary regional tuning to ensure a smooth and rapid certification process.

Take advantage of our calibrated audio lab and tools to deliver fully compliant pre-certification testing and official report submissions. This can include ecosystem multiroom audio pre-certification as well as voice performance compliance testing, thereby managing and reducing the time and effort required to achieve your final product certification.

Mass Production − Processes and Tools

The final step of mass production is often overlooked, yet the requirements for testing, firmware loading, connectivity and acoustic performance testing is complex. With years of experience bringing high volume products through production lines, Libre offers an extensive set of tools, software and guidance to support an efficient and comprehensive MP process for ensured quality.