Uniquely scalable features, power and price. 

  • ‚ÄčLibre is a technology leader in providing unique and scalable embedded multi protocol, voice, audio streaming and IoT solutions.
  • Libre solutions are highly optimized and include the worlds smallest, lowest power complete mic-to-cloud far field voice solution in a single device enabling all new wearable and miniature applications (see "MAVID" device details).
  • Our solutions are pre-certified in leading ecosystems including Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft.
  • We deliver a range comprehensive hardware+software platforms giving you flexibility across products and applications with a leveraged development relationship.
  • Libre solutions are uniquely scalable across ecosystems, features, performance, power and price.
  • Solutions include complete software SDK's, WiFi/processor modules and companion iOS and Android Apps.
  • Libre Cloud Services provide for unique Skills, OTA and features along with "cloud-to-cloud" API's in support of custom Clouds and alternate Cloud Ecosystems world wide.
  • Our world wide team is ready to support your product design-in from concept through certification!

Comprehensive hardware+software solutions for next generation voice and AI applications.