Broad Wireless Product Expertise
• Comprehensive WiFi media connectivity platform
• Broad ecosystem and media services support
• Based on embedded/customized Android plus Libre features
• Optimized end-to-end solutions around Tier1 WiFi & Media SoC's
• Portable across different WiFi modules and Media SoC's
• Complete HW & SW flexibility allows scalable cost/performance
• Complete media modules or reference design solutions
• Customer customizable SDK - leveraging the Android framework
• Full control over network interface and embedded host interface
• Synchronized multi-zone audio distribution
• Support for optimized WiFi/BlueTooth coexistence options
• Solutions are industry certified and compliant - all by LIbre
Streaming Media Ap​plications
We offer embedded wireless solutions for...
Broad Media Ecosystem Expertise
Internet of Things
Libre Wireless’ technology capability and offering comes from a unique blend of extensive WiFi and SoC IC design, embedded system design and complete system/application level software solutions. This broad yet deep expertise across these critical areas as well as broad ecosystem expertise allows us to deliver a more complete, sophisticated and optimized solution for your embedded products.  

​Technology Offering and Products

• Flexible WiFi modules and software solutions for your IoT
• Broad IoT ecosystem and OS support
• Optimized wireless solutions for low power (WMM/PSM)
• Optimized wireless solutions for range and QoS/WMM
• Advanced antenna performance/diversity algorithms
• Complete bridge adaptors (WiFi to UART/SPI/SDIO/USB/GPIO)
• Reference applications for control, cloud services, etc.
• iOS push notification solutions
• WiFi Direct, TDLS and mesh networking technology
• Embedded Web Server solutions
• Solutions are industry certified and compliant - all by Libre
• Direct technical/design support to ODM's, Distributors and OEM's​

Broad Embedded Ecosystem Expertise