We can help with good teamwork and resources!

• WiFi drivers and optimization, Host system software and integration
• System testing, application optimization, performance characterization and optimization
• Complete Networking stack and TCP/IP termination and application layer optimization
• Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad accessories and ecosystem support
• Cloud services
• Embedded real-time OS, LinuX, Android and Windows development environments
• Designs focused on low power operations
• Low latency and Streaming applications
• Electronic design and layout services (with strong RF expertise)
• Standards and regulatory certification and total project management

Please contact us for more information on how our expertise and services can help you deliver world class WiFi/wireless products to market!

Our design services include turnkey WiFi MAC Firmware customization and optimization, Low level (BSP) device drivers, Custom embedded applications and SDK’s. Our expertise includes System integration, System testing,  application optimization, performance characterization and optimization, Standards certification and total project management.

We offer flexible design and consulting services that can be tailored to any need.  Below is a summary of just a few of our areas of expertise…

Design Services and Consulting