Libre Wireless Technologies Inc. is an embedded WiFi/wireless technology hardware and software solutions provider. We offer scalable solutions that include both hardware modules and extensive software SDK's as well as design services. Our focus is delivering unique features, scalable price/performance options and small, ultra low powered solutions that are ecosystem certified for IoT and audio streaming applications.  

Our team has decades of extensive experience and capability in wireless RF, hardware and software solutions for a broad array of embedded WiFi and wireless applications.  Our team has designed IC’s/SoC’s and low level firmware and drivers all the way up to user applications. The Libre team has delivered complete system solutions into many Tier1 multinational companies enabling millions of compelling connected products to market. 

Our Expertise

  • WiFi/BT physical layer MAC firmware design and customization
  • Voice and Audio signal processing
  • Low level embedded IC/SoC bring up and IC validation firmware
  • Application level software, feature implementation, system optimization
  • Low level (BSP) device drivers​

About Libre Wireless

Team History

  • Android and iOS App development
  • Remote system monitoring and diagnosis
  • Embedded modules and antenna performance optimization
  • Product test tools, test jig and test firmware
  • Extensive standards expertise, compliance, certifications and homologation
  • Custom embedded applications and SDK development​

• The founders/core team lead the market with technology solutions at                          the leading connectivity and audio streaming solutions provider.
• Evangelized & lead digital audio streaming market – achieved 90% Apple Airplay market share!
• Unique team with broad experience in wireless and audio streaming market
• WiFi/BT & SOC IC design up through RF and Layer2/3 protocols, Middleware, Embedded Applications and end user control, UI & UX
• Successfully delivered volume connectivity solutions to top brands