Kurt Redfield, CFO

  • Android and iOS App development
  • Remote system monitoring and diagnosis
  • Embedded modules and antenna performance optimization
  • Product test tools, test jig and test firmware
  • Extensive standards expertise, compliance, certifications and homologation
  • Custom embedded applications and SDK development​

About Libre Wireless

Our Expertise

Our Team

With almost 30 years of professional experience, Jordan Walers has held various executive sales and markeEng positions in high technology companies and with expertise in semiconductors, embedded systems , WiFi/ wireless soluEons for CE/IoT applications. Prior to founding Libre Wireless, Jordan has held executive level posiEons at Microchip/SMSC, BridgeCo, D2Audio, 3DFX InteracEve, Zight Technologies, VideoLogic and Conner Peripherals. He hold a BS degrees in Engineering from California State University and a Masters degree from Stanford University. 

Hari Bojan has over 17 years experience in the Consumer Electronics and Embedded space, Mobile Handset and Networked media streaming platforms. Hari has extensive experience in building world class engineering R&D teams as well as application engineering and customer delivery groups. Prior to founding Libre Wireless Technologies, Hari has held engineering management positions at Microchip/ SMSC, BridgeCo, Kyocera Wireless, Symbian and Roamware. He holds a BE in Electrical and Electronics from Madras University, India. 

Jordan Watters, Founder and CRO 

Kurt has over 20 years of experience as a CFO/COO with VC-backed firms in the US and Europe, he has worked with hardware and software companies such as Bridgeco, Plextek, Simfy, Telensa, Groove Networks, Blighter Surveillance Systems, and Neartek.
Kurt also sits on a number of non-profit boards, including The Touchstones Project. Kurt holds a BA in Philosophy from St. Johns College (Annapolis MD) and an MBA from Columbia University.  

  • WiFi/BT physical layer MAC firmware design and customization
  • Voice and Audio signal processing
  • Low level embedded IC/SoC bring up and IC validation firmware
  • Application level software, feature implementation, system optimization
  • Low level (BSP) device drivers​

Team History

Hooman brings over 30 years of successful executive management and product development experience in the Cellular, Wireless and Broadband technology and product markets. Prior to founding Libre Wireless, he has held executive level positions at technology companies including Microchip/SMSC, BridgeCo, WiLinx, Conexant, GlobespanVirata and Motorola, and with recent focus in the connected home and media technology products. He holds an Master Degree from Imperial College of Science & Technology, London and holds 9 issued US patents. 

Hooman Kashef, Founder and CEO 

Hari Bojan, Founder & VP Engineering 

•The founders/core team lead the market with technology solutions at                        for leading connectivity and audio streaming solutions for 15+ years
•Evangelized & lead digital audio streaming market – achieved 90% Apple Airplay market share!
•Unique team with broad experience in wireless and audio streaming market
•WiFi/BT & SOC IC design up through RF and Layer2/3 protocols, Middleware, Embedded Applications and end user control, UI & UX
•Successfully delivered volume connectivity solutions to top brands

Libre Wireless Technologies Inc. is a WiFi/wireless technology and software and cloud solutions provider. We offer system level solutions including both hardware and software along with design services for embedded voice enabled multiprotocol IoT and audio streaming applications.  

Our team has decades of extensive experience and capability in both RF, hardware and software solutions for a broad array of embedded WiFi and wireless applications.  Our team with experience designing actual IC’s/SoC’s and software solutions has delivered complete system solutions into Tier1 multinational companies – shipping hundreds of millions of products to market. Our management and team comes together with experience from BridgeCo, SMSC, Broadcom, Conexant, Qualcomm, Motorola, WiLinx and other leading WiFi and wireless solution providers.