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“More Than 30 Billion Devices Will Wirelessly Connect to the Internet of Everything in 2020.”  – ABI Research 2013

"Without interoperable short-range wireless standards the IoT will not flourish" - ABI Research 2013

Wireless connectivity brings together many complex technologies. Compelling new products will require mastery of networking, RF, MAC/BB firmware, middleware, applications, industry standards/certifications expertise and broad interoperability. Libre has these unique skills - proven and ready to offer.

Application Optimized Embedded WiFi Technology and Software


With decades of experience in WiFi system design, embedded hardware, modules and software solutions, the Libre team can bring you tremendous value. We offer wireless connectivity and networking solutions for CE and IoT applications as well as design and consulting services. We can provide platforms, SDK's, complete solutions, take complete projects or augment your resources. Either way, our expertise can help you reduce risk, better optimize your product and improve time to market!